We are following the path to a more sustainable future. We believe in taking care of our planet and strive to find the best solutions to fulfil our goals to you and the environment. The 4 sustainable goals where we contribute the most to are:


The Factory




It is important to us that we find and use sustainable high quality fabrics with relevant certification to guarantee the origin, composition and method of manufacture.

In the production of organic cotton hazardous pesticides are avoided thus making it safer for farmers. Growing organic cotton also produces up to 94% less greenhouse gas emissions and uses up less energy and water. We use organic cotton that is certified. Our factories are regularly inspected and certified to strict social criteria, ensuring the absence of forced or child labour. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification means that the suppliers with this certification are prohibited form using hazardous chemicals, and they agree to treat all waste water, thereby protecting workers and their water supplies.
GOTS Global Organic Textile Standard Certificate

REPREVE™ is an American yarn derived from recycled nylon and plastic. The process embeds properties in the fibre such as moisture wicking, compression, adaptive warming and cooling as well as ability to repel water. The yarn is made out of recycled water bottles which has a U TRUST® verification to certify recycled content claims.
U TRUST verification GRS Global Recycled Standard certified
SCS Scientific Certification System certified
OEKO-TEX® approved

CARVICO is Italian yarn made from discarded and repurposed plastic bottles. Not only is the fabric better for our environment but the production facility's core values focus on sustainability. For example the manufacturer of the yarn only uses electricity generated from renewable sources as well as creating their own water cycle in order to reduce water waste. The manufacturer also focuses on cutting down their waste to the bare minimal, reducing emissions. They use a heat recovery system where thermal power, produced during the fabric production cycle, is used to heat part of their premises.
OEKO-TEX® approved
GRS Global Recycled Standard certified

This 100% regenerated nylon is made from salvaged fishing nets (ECONYL) and other post-consumer materials. As well as being a green waste solution, ECONYL® regenerated nylon is also better when it comes to climate change, due to the lower CO2 emissions it produces in manufacture. ECONYL also reduces the global warming impact of nylon by up to 90% compared with nylon made from crude oil.
OEKO-TEX® approved

All our fabrics have been dyed using certified Eco-Friendly dyes.
OEKO-TEX® approved


When it came to deciding which factories we wanted to work with, there were a couple of factors that played a big part in our decision. For us it was important that our factories have the relevant certifications as well as creating high quality products that you will love. We also wanted to make sure they can fulfil our green requirements to the best possible standard. We picked two production facilities based in Indonesia and India that we felt confident met our demanding green credentials to work with.

The factory strictly follows all the Indonesia Government’s regulations regarding the treatment of employees, waste disposal & sanitation. Their employees are paid over the minimum wage and receive free medical care which extends to their spouses and children. They follow the standards in the UK when it comes to working conditions. The factory provides their employees with fresh meals during working hours and pays double the normal hourly rate for overtime working. The factory donates all the left-over fabric scraps to local charity-based groups who re-make them into saleable goods. The factory support a local Orphanage with essential commodities.

The factory has BSCI certification. This makes us confident that the workers are being treated ethically and properly. We have taken care to inspect and assure ourselves that the factory reinforces fair working conditions throughout the facility, as this is important to us. The factory sends all the left-over fabric scraps to local women in the area who repurpose them to make them into saleable goods.


It is very important to us that from start to finish everything aligns with our core values which means we looked at making all our packaging as sustainable and eco friendly as possible.

The tissue paper we use is made out of recycled tissue paper which is biodegradable and plastic free. Our poly bags are biodegradable and made from tapioca (cassava) which will degrade in any landfill in less than a week.

The swing tags are made out of FSC certified paper which is recyclable.

The stickers that we use on our products is made out of sustainable materials which is plastic free. Even our paper tape is eco-friendly and recyclable.

We ship using envelopes and boxes. Our envelopes are made out of sustainable materials and the boxes are made out of sustainable materials which are recyclable, biodegradable and plastic free.


Through carbon offsetting, we reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases which helps to fund projects that reduce pollutions. We offset every shipment at no additional cost to you. This is a great way for our community to reduce our carbon footprint.

Some of our domestic shipments get sent by Royal Mail, we use an external company to calculate the carbon emission produced which we then offset.

We use DHL GoGreen service for all other shipments, this includes all the non-domestic shipments as well as some domestic.


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